The Company


Honest Management is a Limited Liability Company based out of Southern California. The company was created out of necessity to guide and counsel the careers of various individuals in industries as diverse as music, entertainment, sports, fashion, film, television and technology.


We are a full service entertainment company that provide services such as; Personal Management, Project Management, Consulting, Music Production, Artist Development and A&R Services.


Our slogan is “It’s what everybody wants” because no words hold more truth about management as it relates to an industry that feeds on the uneducated and uninformed. The founder’s goal was to create a company that best exemplifies his own principles and beliefs when conducting business.


With that in mind, Honest Management operates under a strict code of ethics and integrity. Experience, knowledge, understanding and solid relationships/resources are necessary components when considering management services and Honest Management can confidently say those bases are covered!!





Our mission is to do things the good ole fashion way; by the book without ulterior motives. The company understands an individual is only as good as the business supporting them and managerial success is measured by the success of its clients. So with that said, we (and our clients) proudly represent ourselves with the hashtag #HMWeWork because success is a collective effort.