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Personal Management

Honest Management proudly parallels it's business practices to it's name. Proper representation is the single most important medium as it relates to the success of an individual or business. Our main goal when partnering with a client is to achieve (then exceed) the desired level of success. We maintain a very concentrated roster of indivudals and solicitation is based on a high standard of quality. To be the best is not just about having the heart to go after your wants and desires but more important, being mentally prepared when those wants and desires began to materialize. Simply put, having your head in the right place! No entity is bigger than the business behind it. Honest is how we conduct business and management is what we do.

Project Management

Honest Management understands the success of any project is the direct result of strategic planning. Simply releasing product into the market space doesn't guarantee any results. Once goals and objectives have been clearly established, we oversee all aspects of the project by allocating various tasks in effort to realistically achieve the goals and objectives set forth. Everything from networking, liaising with corporate brands and sponsors to time management and budgeting is overseen, implemented and executed. Managed correctly, the result is an increase in presence, awareness and ultimately a greater impact being made.


Honest Management provides professional opinion, advice and counsel to it's clients. We deliberate "together" on professional matters to ensure final decisions are in the best interest of the client. Our goal is to find solutions to specific issues based on budget and resources. We provide answers to those complicated business questions which will allow you to make confident decisions and take action.

Music Production

Honest Management provides high quality and professional music production. The company has the capacity to facilitate music production for a variety of genre's ranging from R&B and Soul to Hip Hop and Pop music. We have in house producers and well as established working relationships with multi-platinum and award winning producers and musicians who we collaborate with on a regular basis. All music production needs and goals can be met.

Artist Development

Honest Management has the expertise to fully prepare a recording artist for a career in music. Although there are tangibles and intangibles every great artist must posses, proper instruction, guidance and counsel can correct or improve almost any deficiency or weakness. Most artists believe they have talent and are prepared for super stardom but the reality is they are not! In short, we equip recording artists with the tools necessary to compete on the highest level so they can be ranked with the best.

A&R Services

Honest Management offers top of the line A&R services. Many have heard the term A&R (Artist and Repertoire) but most have no idea what it actually means. What is most known about the position is, it's the person who finds talent and/or gets an artist signed which is true but it's a bit more to this role. Overall, the more skill, talent, know how and resources an A&R has acquired makes them that much more valuable and effective in terms of services provided during the recording process. Honest Management has provided this service to some of the most creative and talented to the most successful in music.     

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